at November 28th, 2011

Hey All,

Today was our inaugural GrouHackPon, one of many more to come.  This one was open to internal Groupon folks, however the next will be open to the public.  We ate food, we were merry, and we hacked on some awesome code.  We left the format pretty loose, so we have several break out projects.

There was a group working on a Node.js project that Dan Nawara started, which is a planning poker app which hooks into Pivotal Tracker and makes estimating stories more interactive, did I mention that it was in Node.js?  There were other teams improving performance of the site, speeding up specs and tacking an expensive DB call that we have.

Overall, it was a great first start, looking forward to our next one, end of November, which will be in tandom with the Node.js meetup.

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