Schmonference Conf – June 29th

at June 5th, 2012

Schmonference Conf is a free, one day designer and front end developer hootenanny taking place at the Groupon office in Palo Alto. The conference will gather some of the best and brightest minds around Silicon Valley to listen to six speakers, hang out with like-minded individuals, and enjoy a day dedicated to front end development.

What’s a Schmonference?

Though the name was inspired by one of our more creatively named conference rooms at the Chicago office, Schmonference Room, the reason it’s a Schmonfernce is because it’s going to be the least conferencey conference you’ve probably ever been to: It’s free, it’s intimate (150 spots total), we’ll have good food, and it’s being organized by two front end engineers at Groupon (Keith and Shay) just because we thought it would be fun. It’s an event created simply for the love of front end development, without any extraneousness!

Here’s a taste of the speaker lineup:

  • Chris Eppstein, creator of Compass
  • Matt DeBergalis, creator of Meteor
  • Veen Basavaraj, front end engineer at LinkedIn
  • Jonathan Smiley, developer for Foundation
  • …and some of Groupon’s own: Peter Bergström and Myles Byrne

Head over to the Schmonference Conf website for more details and to apply to attend. The conference is completely free with limited seating so don’t wait.

See you at Schmonf!

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