Looking forward to an interesting summer…

at May 22nd, 2012
Michael Ficarra

Michael Ficarra

One of the things I like most about Groupon Engineering is the ability to get things done quickly. Sometimes that’s code or architecture but sometimes that’s hiring promising new engineers. Two weeks ago I got a note from Sean McCullough linking to a kickstarter project for a new CoffeeScript compiler. We use CoffeeScript more and more these days as we build increasingly sophisticated web apps and thicker and thicker clients. I did some reading on the project and decided that a more interesting way to support the project than simply contributing to it on kickstarter would be to have Michael Ficarra work on his CoffeeScript compiler during an internship here at Groupon this summer.

After discussing it with Aaron Bedra to see if he’d be interested in mentoring Michael on the project and his checking with Jeremy Ashkenas and David Nolen regarding support for accepting the work back into the CoffeeScript project we decided to move forward. With Aaron’s experience on Rcov and Clojure he’s got good compiler / AST experience and is excited to advise Michael so that his project will enable static analysis tools to be derived from it—code coverage, security analysis, bad behavior, code complexity, etc..

Michael accepted our offer and will arrive in Chicago in a few weeks for his internship. We’re exited to be part of his project and to be part of the active CoffeeScript community.

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One thought on “Looking forward to an interesting summer…

  1. I was just linked to this today. I'm really excited to meet you and Aaron sometime after orientation on Monday. This project is going to be so much fun!

    by Michael Ficarra on June 2, 2012 at 8:44 pm

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