Bottoms-Up Innovation: Groupon Hosts Geekon, First Internal Tech Conference

at August 26th, 2013

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And it was an enormous success!

Last month, Groupon hosted Geekon, its first ever, global tech conference and hackathon. The internal three-day event celebrated engineering at Groupon by giving our teams the chance to innovate bottoms-up and unleash creativity and passion to collaborate on new and useful solutions for the company.

Groupon’s first Geekon included 75+ projects, 250+ engineers, representing 9 offices around the world. On the final day, the planning committee watched project demos delivered in 3-minute pitches and will soon announce the winning teams, who will be able to work on those projects for up to 20 percent of their time over the next quarter.

Throughout the “geekathon,” we encouraged our teams to tweet their enthusiasm with #geekon and follow along @grouponeng.

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Our engineers delivered beyond our expectations. From ingenious solutions to solve simple platform bottlenecks to wildly creative and innovative tools, the talent displayed blew us away. Example projects include Groupon running on Google Glass. Now you could see Groupons as you walk across the road; have the Glassware read you the details; buy and share the Groupon on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The coolest feature is voice search – all you need to search for a Groupon is to talk to the glass and let it know what you are looking for.

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Finally, to cap off Geekon, we celebrated with some festivities in each of our participating offices.

Geekon for me is an inspiration and celebration of engineering, and indicative of all the great things going forward.

Geekon represents a big step for us in continuing to build, engage and celebrate our engineering culture at Groupon. We look forward to hosting our next Geekon in Chennai, India, in October.

-Sri Viswanath, SVP Engineering


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