Groupon Sponsors Node Knockout 2013!

at October 25th, 2013

Groupon is sponsoring Node Knockout 2013!

Node Knockout is a 48-hour virtual, worldwide hackathon where teams build apps using Node.js and compete for prizes and recognition. Last year we were an official Chicago location for Node Knockout as well as having multiple teams compete. This year, now that Node.js is a key part of our stack, we wanted to support the competition as Platinum sponsors.

We currently have 16 scrum teams around the world writing Node.js apps to create a single version of our website for all of our Groupon countries. When we’re done we’ll have teams with global product responsibility and faster global rollout of new features. We’re on the lookout for strong developers interested in Node.js, CoffeeScript and driven by using the same language on both client and server. If you’re interested in working on Node.js at scale, tuning apps for performance with millions of consumers worldwide using your app, we’re hiring.

To learn more about the rewriting of our monolithic app into a Service-Oriented Architecture with Node.js for the front-end, stay tuned to the Groupon Engineering blog.

Happy hacking!

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