Message-Bus: Groupon Messaging Platform Open Sourced

at September 9th, 2013

I wrote a post earlier to describe the distributed messaging platform, Message Bus, used at Groupon. I’m excited to announce, as I promised earlier, that this project is available as open source. You can get the code at Github. Message Bus transfers over a hundred gigabytes of messages everyday. These messages include order details of your Groupons and monitoring metrics from the hosts in our data center.

In summary, the project is consisted of three pieces:

On a high level, the project is composed of three pieces:

  1. A HornetQ server patch.
  2. A Java client.
  3. A Ruby client.

Instruction to setting up the cluster is in the README files. The clients are available on Maven Central and If you are starting to set up a distributed messaging solution or switching your existing platform to something scalable, then give Message Bus a try. Don’t hesitate to reach me with questions or feedback. You can find my email address on Github.

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