How do Groupon Customers Fare When it Comes to Gift Giving?

at November 24th, 2014

It’s that time of year!! And personally, it’s my favorite time of year! I love what the season represents: family, togetherness, generosity, and opportunities to show appreciation for one another.

This month I thought I would step back and take some time for something that’s always fun……PRESENTS! As the gift giving season is upon us, the Groupon Data Science team is here to tell you who are the best Groupon gift givers!

As a whole, the industry has been experiencing a shift toward online shopping and more recently a shift toward shopping on Mobile. Last year Mobile traffic accounted for 30+% site visits on Cyber Monday. At Groupon, mobile accounts for more than 50% of our transactions worldwide.

As more and more people decide to buy products on their phones, we thought it would be interesting to know who are the better gift givers: iPhone or Android users?

First off, Groupon users spend 45% more online than your average US consumer! So make sure you cozy up to your Groupon-loving friends this season!

Not only do Groupon customers spend more money online, they are more generous to others than to themselves! All customers spend more when buying a Groupon deal as a gift than when buying a Groupon deal for themselves. But as we see later, Groupon app users are the more generous gift givers.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 4.26.17 PM

Q: Who gets more in the spirit in gift giving?

iPhone users. The data suggests that iPhone users tend to get a little more in the spirit spending upwards of 50% more on a gifted Groupon deal than on Groupon deal for themselves. If you have an iPhone user friend spending $50 on average on Groupon deal you can expect them to spend $75 on a gift! But Android friends aren’t too shabby either and compared to all Groupon users, are overall more generous when it comes to gift giving. When looking at a random Monday, the average Android user’s generosity surpasses that of an average iPhone user’s.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 6.10.12 PM

Q: The holiday season can be hectic, taking care of oneself is important! Who takes care of themselves the best?

Android users. Android users spend 10-20% more on purchases during the holiday season. Cyber Monday seems to be the day when everyone goes for that upgrade and pays a few extra dollars to get something nice for themselves. It is the peak time for self-spend, especially for Android users. And with Groupon’s crazy Cyber Monday deals why wouldn’t you treat yo self, even Batman does.

Q: The most annoying giver gifts items better suited for himself then for the recipient, who is the biggest offender?

Neither. Neither Andriod users or iPhone users are guilty of having the same purchase profile for themselves as they do for gift giving. Interestingly, the different platforms’ gift giving patterns stay true to stereotypes: andoid = more techie, iphone = experience.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 5.04.18 PM

So back to the original question: who gives the best gifts? It probably depends on what you’re looking for: cool gadgets or fun experiences! Either way, Groupon’s got it all this Holiday season and we’re kicking it off a little early with these killer Black Friday deals!

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