DotCi and Docker

at June 12th, 2014

This week, I presented at Dockercon14 on a new project that we just open-sourced at Groupon called DotCi. DotCi is a Jenkins plugin that makes job management easy with built-in GitHub integration, push-button job creation, and YAML powered build configuration and customization. It comes prepackaged with Docker support as well, which means bootstrapping a new build environment from scratch can take as little as 15 minutes. DotCi has been a critical tool for us internally for managing build and release pipelines for the wide variety of technologies in our SOA landscape. We found it so useful that we wanted to share the benefits of DotCi with the wide world of Jenkins users out there. Here are just a few of those benefits:

  • Deep Integration with Source Control – for us that’s Github Enterprise
  • Integration with Github webhooks
  • Feedback sent to the committer or pusher via Email, Hipchat, Campfire, etc.
  • Setting of commit and pull request statuses on Github
  • Push button build setup
  • Dynamic dependency loading at build runtime
  • Easy, version controlled build configuration
  • Simple parallelization
  • Customizable behavior based on environment variables (e.g. branch name)
  • Docker support!

Groupon Engineering is an early adopter of Docker and we were featured in their news this week.

Go check out DotCi and the Plugin Expansion pack on our public Github:

And try out the 15-minute Cloud CI setup with DotCi, Docker, Jenkins and Digital Ocean here.

Please contact me for comments and any questions.

Happy Testing!


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