Groupon adopts Kill Bill, the open-source Payments Platform

at November 3rd, 2014

Groupon has always been a committed player in the open source community, both by releasing our tools and libraries to a larger audience and by using popular open source projects. So when we took a step back earlier this year to re-assess our global payments infrastructure, we naturally looked at what the community had to offer. We’re now pleased to announce that we have successfully integrated Kill Bill, the open source billing and payments platform, with a subset of our services, and we are planning a wider rollout.

Kill Bill provides a platform for building billing and payments infrastructures. It offers a framework for handling recurring subscriptions as well as unified APIs to support virtually any kind of payment gateway and payment method in the world, from wire transfers to credit card payments, as well as crypto-currencies and even Apple Pay.

While Kill Bill has been deployed in large scale infrastructures before (such as at Ning), the Groupon environment is truly unique; Groupon as the world’s largest marketplace of deals is present in 45 + countries, with more than 240,000 global, active deals, supporting over 120 payment methods. Our team focused on performance testing the system and made sure that each and every single payment handled is secure and reliable. As part of this process, we discovered the limits of some of the libraries we use, and reported and helped fix bugs in Java 8, JRuby, ActiveRecord and more. The community has been outstanding in this process, thanks to all of you!

We believe strongly in the exchange of ideas and cooperation between people. If this sounds good to you, we are hiring!

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