Sharing is Caring: Open Source at Groupon

at October 7th, 2014

Groupon is fueled by open source software. We run on software built in the open, supported by the community, and shared to move technology forward. While we give back when we can to the projects we use and share new creations, the true value resides in the people that make it happen, and that’s why we are pleased to announce Groupon’s new OSS home. It pulls information from Github, Open Source Report Card, Stack Overflow , and Lanyrd, with plans to add more information in the future. The purpose is to highlight the people that are actively contributing within Groupon Engineering and celebrate the things they do. This page is the result of Groupon Engineering’s most recent
GEEKon, our bi-annual internal hackathon that gives our devs a chance to innovate bottoms up. We feel that it is important to share this information not only to show the world that we care about open source software, but to encourage more participation and find other amazing people who want to work with us.

Of course, this wouldn’t be in good taste unless we open sourced the code that generates this page. You can find it on Github.

We are excited to continue work on this project and even more excited to see additional contributions from folks outside of Groupon! We hope that it can help highlight the people in every company that make open source software what it is and find more meaningful connections between other like-minded people in their communities.

To get a complete picture of what we have already released you can visit the Groupon Github page. Be sure to keep an eye out for new releases and updates to our projects. And if you like the work that we have done and would like to work with us, check out our Groupon tech jobs.

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