Groupon Recognized as a Top Mobile Company by Internet Retailer

at June 5th, 2015


Internet Retailer, which is one the largest ecommerce trade publications in the world, has honored Groupon as a leader in mobile commerce.

At the inaugural Internet Retailer Excellence Awards, Groupon won the Mobile Commerce Award––beating out Amazon, Target and QVC. The Mobile Commerce Award is given out to the retailer showing the greatest creativity, performance and sales growth from a mobile-specific website and/or app.

Dan Roarty, SVP of Marketplace, accepted the award and gave a few brief remarks as to why Groupon has been so successful in the world of mobile.

“At Groupon we think of our mobile experience as the great enabler for what is fast becoming an on-demand economy,” Roarty told the audience. “Whether its products, transportation, restaurants, spas or entertainment, consumers expect high quality and fast service at great value whenever they want it. Groupon is extremely fortunate that our business lends itself to this trend.”

It’s easy to see why the panel of esteemed judges chose Groupon as the first winner of this award. In under seven years, we’ve seen our business transform itself from a deal-of-the-day, delivered via email, to a mobile centric marketplace with hundreds of thousands of merchants selling billions of dollars of products and services to nearly 105 million people who have downloaded our app in 42 countries around the world.

“We’re excited to be part of the mobile transformation, and we will continue to push the boundaries in removing friction for customers and merchants alike by connecting local commerce in ways that never seemed possible before,” Roarty added.

Congratulations to the Groupon development team and everyone involved with Groupon’s award-winning mobile marketplace!

2 thoughts on “Groupon Recognized as a Top Mobile Company by Internet Retailer

  1. Quite surprised to see this. I have groupon app and I feel one thing which is so counter customer centric - forcing customers to go through all offers. Not much filters, no search option. I get the business idea of cross selling other deals. However , you are forcing customer to go through stuff he might not be interested. In this era of customer service and experience , not sure how this works.

    by Amit on June 8, 2015 at 10:25 am
  2. @Amit, it sounds like you may be a long-time customer using an old version of our mobile app? Try updating your iOS or Android device with the latest version. Here is some press coverage announcing the launch of search and filtering in our mobile applications in 2013. Since the launch almost two years ago, we've greatly improved search and filtering. I think you'll be impressed! :)

    by Kyle O on July 13, 2015 at 5:59 pm

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