Groupon is proud to be a part of the new Node.js Foundation

at June 16th, 2015


We are very excited to see that the Node.js and io.js developer communities have come together, combining their code bases to continue their work within the Node.js Foundation (hosted by the Linux Foundation). Groupon is proud to be among its supporting members. With the creation of a foundation backing Node.js we can ensure that this already thriving community will have continued growth and success far into the future.

Here at Groupon we believe that open collaboration is what leads to real innovation in the technology community. As I quoted in the press release Node.js infrastructure has been extremely important to us and is core to our platform.

Last year we completed a year-long project to migrate Groupon’s U.S. web traffic from a monolithic Ruby on Rails application to a new Node.js stack with substantial results. Since then we have moved all of our Mobile Web traffic and international traffic onto the same platform as well.

We have been participating and working with the Node.js community for several years now. By becoming a Node.js Foundation member, we’re able to give back to open source even more and support a technology that continues to drive Groupon’s business forward.

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