Groupon @ GHC: Alicia K.

at October 19th, 2016

Groupon is excited to be a sponsor for the Grace Hopper Celebration. Leading up the conference, we’ll introduce you to some of our employees who are attending. Make sure you say hello when you see us!

Alicia K.
Program Manager, Employee and Community Engagement

Why is it important to you for (more) women to create careers in technology?

Angelica Ross once told me: “Don’t ever down play or sacrifice your identity to get ahead.” I am lucky to work for a company that encourages all employees to bring their whole selves to work. The women that I’ve had the pleasure of working with are unabashedly bold and deeply passionate about paving the way for even more women to have access to education and careers in technology.

What does GHC mean to you?

The Grace Hopper Celebration is our chance to recognize and reflect on the incredible work of female technologists while working together to scheme up the next big idea to get more girls excited about their future in computer science.

Where will be seeing you around GHC?

You can find me at the community track hearing from the great leaders and organizations working to build STEM programs for women and girls.

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