Groupon @ GHC: Emily R.

at October 11th, 2016

Groupon is excited to be a sponsor for the Grace Hopper Celebration. Leading up the conference, we’ll introduce you to some of our employees who are attending. Make sure you say hello when you see us!

Emily R.
Technical Recruiter

Why is it important to you to have women in tech?

It’s important for more women to work in technology because we need the diversity to ensure company strength and to ensure all humans have a say in what we create and how we impact technology and society.

What does GHC mean to you?

I am honored to represent Groupon at the Grace Hopper Celebration to ensure that we continue to have amazing and diverse talent to bring new ideas to our company

Where will be seeing you around GHC?

The Career Fair and any career track. I may try to learn a few things about software development and product too.

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