Groupon @ GHC: Hillary P.

at October 14th, 2016

Groupon is excited to be a sponsor for the Grace Hopper Celebration. Leading up the conference, we’ll introduce you to some of our employees who are attending. Make sure you say hello when you see us!

Hillary P.
Application Operations Support Specialist

What does being a woman in tech mean to you?

Back in journalism school, I never expected to later identify as a “woman in tech,” but now that I’ve worked in the tech space for 6+ years, I see how important it is to increase representation. It really makes a difference to see women who are further along in your intended career path, and can provide support and guidance from that perspective.

What does GHC mean to you?

GHC is my first time attending a tech conference, so I’m thrilled that I’ll be in the company of influencers at all phases of their careers. I’m looking forward to hearing about diversity and inclusion efforts on a broader scale than just Groupon, and learning as much as I can from those who are making the greatest impact on not only women in tech, but the industry at-large. And yes, I’m also excited for the swag!

Where will be seeing you around GHC?

I’m hoping to sample a little of everything, but Technology and Organizational Transformation are where I’m planning to focus my attention.

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