Black Hole Proxy for Selenium Testing

at July 29th, 2013

Even if you are new to automated testing of websites, you have probably already discovered Selenium. It’s a great tool for mimicking real user interactions with web applications. Selenium will help you cut down on the tedium of testing every single form. There is a price to pay because all of Selenium’s testing is done… Read More

The “Iron Valley” of Eastern Europe

at May 29th, 2012

I had a great pleasure to come to Kiev, Ukraine for the second time in last couple of months. First time it was for XPDays Ukraine, this time around it was for SeleniumCamp. To quote David Burns, @AutomatedTester, “Soon to give another talk in Kiev, this city is buzzing with automators!” This is quite an exciting… Read More

Case Study: Poorly Written Cucumber Tests

at April 5th, 2012

Case Study: Poorly written Cucumber tests. Today I had the pleasure of debugging a Selenium test written with Cucumber. The test would fail every 10 or so runs, and because of that it was disabled for several months. When I tried to fix it, it became pretty obvious why it was not a happy test,… Read More