4 Reasons GEEKon (Our Global Internal Hackathon) Rocks at Groupon

at September 21st, 2015

I’ve long been a supporter of facilitating creativity and innovation within the workplace in Tech. Shortly after coming on as Groupon’s CTO, I created our own internal hackathon that occurs every six months and is open to our development offices across the globe…we call it GEEKon. GEEKon celebrates technology at Groupon by giving our teams… Read More

Groupon is proud to be a part of the new Node.js Foundation

at June 16th, 2015

We are very excited to see that the Node.js and io.js developer communities have come together, combining their code bases to continue their work within the Node.js Foundation (hosted by the Linux Foundation). Groupon is proud to be among its supporting members. With the creation of a foundation backing Node.js we can ensure that this… Read More

Groupon Recognized as a Top Mobile Company by Internet Retailer

at June 5th, 2015

Internet Retailer, which is one the largest ecommerce trade publications in the world, has honored Groupon as a leader in mobile commerce. At the inaugural Internet Retailer Excellence Awards, Groupon won the Mobile Commerce Award––beating out Amazon, Target and QVC. The Mobile Commerce Award is given out to the retailer showing the greatest creativity, performance… Read More

Groupon in VentureBeat

at February 24th, 2015

Groupon’s excited to sponsor Venture Beat’s Mobile Summit for a second straight year. Great collection of mobile entrepreneurs and a ton of awesome ideas. I wrote an op-ed for the conference about the importance of mobile testing and tracking. Check it out here.

Gnome Foundation and Groupon product names (UPDATED)

at November 11th, 2014

UPDATE: There is some recent confusion around Groupon’s intended use of a product name that the GNOME Foundation believes infringes on their trademarks. While notified by the GNOME Foundation directors that they believed this was the case, we were not able to come to an agreement and were proceeding with the registration of our marks…. Read More

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Groupon at VentureBeat Mobile Summit

at April 24th, 2014

Last week we sponsored the VentureBeat Mobile Summit in Sausalito to support thought leadership in mobile and the innovations in mobile and tech. As part of our participation I co-chaired a boardroom session on the tools and analytics that enable Groupon to optimize the mobile experience for the consumer. Mobile has always been considered strategic… Read More

Node Summit 2013

at December 12th, 2013

Sri Viswanath, SVP Engineering and Operations at Groupon, joins Jigar Desai, eBay; Kiran Prasad, LinkedIn; Bill Scott, PayPal and panel moderator Niall O’Higgins Last week I took part in a dynamic panel at Node Summit 2013 (Why Large Scale Mobile and E-Commerce Apps Use Node.js) with distinguished panelists managing some of the largest mobile and… Read More

at September 18th, 2013

Innovation drives our engineering culture at Groupon. Our Geekon culture thrives on the exchange and cross-connection of ideas leading to new technologies, approaches and breakthroughs. As a key we hold Geekon Talk, the monthly series where outside speakers come into Groupon to present ideas and information on anything and everything related to tech, entrepreneurship, product… Read More