Groupon’s Apprenticeship Program

at April 17th, 2012

In August of 2011, Obtiva was aquired by Groupon. Part of that acquisition was Obtiva’s apprenticeship program, which we immediately got to work on adapting into Groupon’s context. I’m thrilled to announce that Groupon’s first apprentice, Jacob “JR” Richardson has just successfully completed our 6 month apprenticeship program. At the age of 19, JR is… Read More

JR Richardson, Software Apprentice Graduate

at April 10th, 2012

Last fall JR Richardson moved from Iowa to join Groupon’s Chicago engineering team as a Software Apprentice. This week, he has graduated from the intensive six month on-the-job training program. Congratulations, JR! During his time in this paid software apprenticeship program, JR worked closely with his Groupon mentor, Joe Banks, a Groupon Tech Lead. Joe… Read More